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Sandpoint, ID, USA | Financial Freedom

Location: Sandpoint, Idaho, USA

Goal: Helping local residents reduce the percent of household income devoted to non-essential items

Date Started: 1st September, 2015

Goal Completion Date: 31st August, 2015

Situation Description: Sandpoint, Idaho, is not a rich town. We’re not blessed with a wealth of natural resources or drawcard tourist attractions. We’re just like most small towns. 4.2% of our workers are employed in the hotel industry with the other large industries being community staples – supermarkets, trades, and doctors.

We’re all committed to building our community together but without any large avenues to draw wealth in from other centres, we face the constant struggle to build our economy.

This has contributed to a median household income of only $37,521.

With the local economy struggling, we see it as our responsibility to educate our local residents on how to reduce their monthly expenditure on non-essential items.

This project will help ensure that there’s food on tables, children have the right equipment for school, and out local sporting competitions have all the right equipment.

Action: To  give our residents the education they need to make smart decisions, we’ll be running a series of educational workshops on how to reduce their expenses on non-essential items.

These workshops will focus several areas, including:

These workshops will help our community members reduce their costs and ensure that the rest of the community can thrive.

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