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Goal tables, by region
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Country tables
There are 207 country tables covering countries with more than 30,000 population (or smaller countries that are World Bank members). They present timeseries data for 4 of the last 10 years, as available. In some cases the data are for earlier or later years than those stated. The selected indicators are the best available measures of progress towards the goals. For definitions, sources, and footnotes, click on the indicator name.

Goal tables, by region
Each of the seven Goal tables presents the relevant indicators for every country—in alphabetical order within regions. The tables show an early year (1990) and the most recent year available. Click here for definitions.

Universal Primary Education
Gender Equality
Infant and Child Mortality
Maternal Mortality
Reproductive Health

Poverty: Percent of population living below the national poverty line
Poverty: Child malnutrition
Education: Net primary school enrollment rate
Gender Equality: Ratio of girls to boys enrolled in primary and secondary education
Infant and Child Mortality: Under 5 mortality
Maternal Mortality: Maternal mortality ratio
Maternal Mortality: Births attended by health professionals
Reproductive Health: Contraceptive prevalence
Environment: Access to an improved water source

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