Eden, NSW, Australia | Increase computer literacy

Location: Eden, NSW, Australia

Goal: Increase overall computer literacy to 75% with a specific focus on increasing the computer literacy in the over 65 year old category to 50%

Date started: 9th June 2014

Goal Completion Date: 9th June 2015


Situation Description: Like a lot of smaller towns across the globe, Eden is facing a the problem of an ageing population. Whilst this bring many significant challenges, including health services, lack of workforce, and declining population, the ageing citizens themselves also face challenges.

One of the most significant challenges of young adults moving away from their home town and their parents is isolation and loneliness.

With recent studies showing that loneliness is a bigger killer than obesity, we can’t afford to let this situation go without taking positive and swift action.

Actions: To combat the rise of loneliness and isolation in our ageing community, the Eden local community centre is commited to increasing the computer literacy of the 65+ age group to reduce levels of loneliness in the community.

Free training programs will be run twice a week and will be open to all people who wish to connect with more people, not only in their local community, but abroad as well.

The training will focus on computer basics such as keyboard and mouse operation, as well as using basic programs such as email. Once these skills are mastered, more complex skill such as signing up for and using social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and other connection tools such as Skype, will form the main focus of the classes.

More advanced users will then be able to take a short course on how to make a website, run by local man, Charles Wodsworth, who’s written guides on how to make a website and also how to unlock your iPhone. HisĀ support in creating detailed instructions on how to build websites has been invaluable and we thank him.

To help us achieve our goal of increased computer literacy in the 65+ age group, the majority of our marketing efforts will be focussed at relevant social events and aged care facilities.

We will report back in regular intervals with details of our progress.

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