Dalton, GA, USA | Moving Forward With Community And Technology

Location: Dalton, GA, USA

Goal: Helping local university students prepare for advanced technological communication.

Date Started: July 31, 2015

Goal Completion Date: May 31, 2016

Situation Description: Dalton is a thriving community; we’ve been the carpet capital of the world since the end of WWII and the emergence of new technologies that resounded well with our workforce made this possible.

These new technologies were the reason many of our forefathers survived the Great Depression, and with over 150 carpet factories, we depend on the industry wholeheartedly to survive, especially now. Over 90 percent of the world’s carpets come from Dalton, and we’d like to keep it that way.

But as industries have developed and progressed, and the stock market crash of 2007, our community has weathered the same economic downturn that was responsible for so many collapsing local businesses and neighborhoods. Dalton at one point had an unemployment rate over 11 percent, and even now, the percentage of out-of-work residents is still at 7.4%.

To fix this, we know we have to prepare for a day when our workforce will be replaced with machinery and our residents will be conducting business with computers and phones rather than people to continue our competitive edge. More important than accepting this change is making sure the next generation is ready for it, and that our high educations programs are equipped to utilize the available technologies to further the education of our community’s next leaders.

Action: To educate the student body of the local community colleges and post-high school education centers in advanced communication skills, we will use charity resources to implement higher technological practices within the learning environment and integrate seamlessly the new technology in our classrooms.

These higher technological practices implemented will include:

  • Interactive techniques for coursework, including but not limited to, styles that engage and incorporate spatial, aural, and kinesthetic methods.
  • Increase in usage of online homework, requiring submission that vary from live blogging, video essays, and virtual study groups or round table discussions that utilize SIP trunking technologies.
  • Encourage alternative projects to reinforce skills learned in the classroom, such as documentary style films, usage of modern equipment such as a GoPro, and alternative presentation methods such as Prezi.
  • Hire and train support staff to handle advanced technologies in the syllabi.

These advancements in the upper education learning sector will prepare our community for keeping up with the technological age and prepare our city and its leaders to succeed on a global scale.

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