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Classic Car Festival | Merimbula, Australia

Location: Merimbula, NSW, Australia

Goal: Increase tourism by 22%

Date started: 11th August 2014

Goal Completion Date: 11th August 2015


Situation Description: With all the lights, glamour, and action that large cities provide, it’s getting harder and harder for small towns to attract tourists. Whilst some towns are able to deal with the decreasing levels of tourism through focussing on growth in other primary industries, Merimbula isn’t so lucky.

The towns economy is built around the tourist dollar providing jobs and cashflow for the town.

We aim to fix this.

We’ve already taken on a number of initiatives designed to increase the amount of tourists flocking to our town, including the Jazz Festival and Mal competition, but we need to continue to grow these.


Actions: In order to stop the decline in tourism and draw visitors back to the town, Merimbula is going to hold a classic car festival. The specific actions that will be taken are:

  1. Create event plan and secure location
  2. Develop marketing plan that utilises the networks of classic car clubs and groups in the local area
  3. Identify local businesses who can provide support for the event
  4. Establish a ‘classic cars for sale’ area (to be hosted by Prestige Classic Cars)

We will report back as these actions are taken and let you know the progress.

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  1. Australian Guy says:

    Great, This Jazz car festival is awesome and creative. but for that we need to find secure location for celebrating this festival.

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