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Chautauqua, NY, USA | Increase Birth Rate

Location: Chautauqua, NY, USA

Goal: Raise declining birthrate to 3.4 children / couple

Date started: 23rd May 2014

Goal Completion Date: 23 May 2015


Situation Description: One of the great challenges facing any small town is a declining population. As children grow up and seek the excitement and energy of the big city, there is a strong tendency to leave home in search of everything they see on the news and current affairs programs every night.

This results in a large population drop-off and a big hole in the available workforce.

Chautauqua is no exception to this situation.

68% of children born in Chautauqua will leave home for life in the big city. Of those, only 16% will ever return. This is resulting in a steep population drop-off that if unaddressed, could result in the death of our beautiful town.

We cannot stand by and allow this to happen.


Actions: In order to remedy this situation, we have decided to take steps to increase the birth rate and fill the holes in our population.

The steps we will be taking are as follows:

1. Increasing funding for medical facilities by 8.6% over the next 2 years to provide extra hospital beds and gynaecological services. This will form part of the new budget to be delivered later in this year.
2. Hosting speed dating and other social events in the town in an effort to increase social interaction between singles. These events will be overseen by the good people from the Attraction Institute. They’ll be designing, implementing, monitoring, ad facilitating these events to ensure maximum… results 🙂
3. Providing a $2000 upfront payment for all new children born to help relieve the financial pressure on new parents. These payments will be available for all parents giving birth after 30th June 2014
4. Increasing childcare places by 14% to make sure we have the support necessary for when the new children arrive. These places will be made available through a strong recruitment campaign of new childcare workers.

Through these 4 steps, we’re confident that we can raise the declining birth rate and save our town.

We’ll report back with results at the conclusion of this program.

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  1. Matt C says:

    So you going to pay low income people 2k USD of TAXPAYER money to pop out a kid? I hope this is a joke, if this isn’t a joke I hope all the people who came up with this asinine idea get fired and never see a cent of taxpayer dollars in their paychecks again…

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