Classic Car Festival | Merimbula, Australia

Classic and vintage cars for sale

Location: Merimbula, NSW, Australia Goal: Increase tourism by 22% Date started: 11th August 2014 Goal Completion Date: 11th August 2015   Situation Description: With all the lights, glamour, and action that large cities provide, it’s getting harder and harder for small towns to attract tourists. Whilst some towns are able to deal with the decreasing levels of tourism through focussing […]

Eden, NSW, Australia | Increase computer literacy

Location: Eden, NSW, Australia Goal: Increase overall computer literacy to 75% with a specific focus on increasing the computer literacy in the over 65 year old category to 50% Date started: 9th June 2014 Goal Completion Date: 9th June 2015   Situation Description: Like a lot of smaller towns across the globe, Eden is facing […]